Hydraulic sausage stuffer machine

Introductions for sausage stuffer machine:

Hydraulic sausage stuffer machine is a equipment for processing sausage making, capable of filling various specifications of  sausage products, including large, medium, and small sizes. This machine has a beautiful appearance, excellent workmanship, convenient operation, , safe and reliable use.

The hopper, valve, sausage tube, and overall packaging of the machine are all made of 304 grade stainless steel, meeting food hygiene requirements.
Without the need for specialized power and power supply, use manual rotation of the handwheel to push the piston through a screw, and then the meat is squeezed into the casing to complete the infusion of intestinal products. Easy to operate. High efficiency, easy to clean.

The hydraulic sausage stuffer machine is mainly composed of a frame, hopper, working cylinder, oil cylinder, hydraulic operating system, and electrical system. Control the reciprocating motion of the piston by manipulating the manual rotary valve. Complete suction and extrusion. To achieve the goal of continuous sausage filling.

sausage filler machine
sausage filling machine
hydraulic sausage stuffer

1. The machine usually use to Fill Large, Medium, and Small Sausages with Various Specifications.

2. The Hopper, Valve, Enema Tube, and Machine Outer Are Made of High-Quality Stainless Steel Which Meets Food Hygiene Requirements.

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