Fruit and vegetable washing machine

The fruit and vegetable washing machine is widely used in strawberries, apples, oranges, potatoes, and potatoes. It is designed for materials with high appearance requirements and is suitable for cleaning granular, leafy, and rhizome products such as vegetables, fruits, and aquatic products. It is particularly suitable for growing in soil.

The fruit and vegetable drying machine suitable for the dehydration of sterilized high and low temperature meat products, vegetable products, and other soft packaging products, as well as the removal of surface water after vegetable cleaning. 

The fruit sorting machine can quickly and accurately weigh and sort various fruits and vegetables that need to be graded, such as dragon fruit, pear, apple, mango, peach, citrus, sugar orange, kiwi, tomato, potato, sweet potato, plum, persimmon, onion, etc., to generate grading.