Frozen meat block cutter

Frozen meat block cutter machine introduction:

The frozen meat block cutter machine uses a powerful rotation of the cutting knife to cut frozen meat into slices of different thicknesses. The frozen meat is cut into slices without thawing, which can save the process of thawing frozen meat and improve work efficiency.
Used in conjunction with a frozen meat grinder, it increases the efficiency of the pre processing work of the minced meat grinder and extends its service life, making it an indispensable equipment in meat product processing.

meat block cutting machine
frozen meat block cutter
meat block cutter machine

Features for frozen meat block cutter:

Firstly. The meat slices thickness can be adjustable between 2mm-3mm.
Secondly. It is completely made of 304 stainless steel.
Thirdly. There are two special knives on the disk, which is durable and long service life.
Fourthly. There is a protective device in the inlet hole and outlet hole to keep it safe.

Normally it is used to flake or slice frozen meat block, no need to unfrozen, directly flaking in to slices,it can slice frozen meat of -18°C to thin pieces by slow rotation of cutting blades.

If Flaking by the fast rotating blade, flaking thickness can be adjusted between 5and 15mm.

Frozen meat block cutter parameter:

Working video: