Frozen meat flaker machine / Meat block cutting machine

Frozen meat flaker machine:

The frozen meat flaker machine uses a hydraulic system as the power to transport raw meat through a push cylinder. The raw meat slides onto the stop of the cutting knife, and is then rolled by the cutting knife to cut the raw meat into chunks. The cutting speed can be adjusted through motor speed regulation (optional frequency converter, motor can be adjusted without speed regulation).
The cutter system adopts a belt pulley transmission, which is more secure than ordinary gear pump transmission. The pushing system adopts hydraulic transmission, which can adjust the pressure and pushing speed separately.
The material moves back and forth through a cylinder, while the motor drives the cutter shaft, which contacts the material and completes the cutting action.what’s more, the entire machine adopts 304 stainless steel, and the transmission system has the advantages of low noise, stable operation, and high production efficiency.

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Frozen meat flaker machine:

Firstly–It adopts high quality SUS304 stainless steel material, shockproof, low noise;
Secondly– Reasonable design, each 25 kg, 2.5 — 4 – 18°C of frozen meat, can be cut into squares or flake rapidly;
Third– with three different height of the blade, can change the height of the knife to change slicer size.
Fourth–it can sdjust the push speed, pause time, return speed. The pusher can automatically push and return.
Fifth–with the function of cleaning and automatic feeding.

Frozen meat flaker machine parameter:

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Working Video: