Industrial meat dicer machine / meat dicing

Introduction of meat dicer machine:

industrial meat dicer
frozen meat dicer
meat dicing machine

Normally, The meat dicer machine is used in meat processing plants. It can cut fresh or -4 ℃meat, minced meat, fat, and other raw materials into diced meat or pieces at a time.

1. Working principle: when the cutting machine is in operation, the material pushing the dial drives the object being cut to rotate at a high speed.

2. By using the centrifugal force of the object,cut the raw materials into pieces with the help of a slicing knife (vertical knife), and then cut the materials into strips through the disc-cutting knife, and then cut the materials into the transverse cutting edge, then cut it to required cube or cuboid.

Features for meat dicer machine:

1. Good safety protection performance.

2. The pre-pressure in the hydraulic system can be selected, and the action status can be selected.

3. Stainless steel casing, overall seam welding.

4. All cutting parts are easy to clean and can be removed and installed without tools.

5. The cutting grid has a wide range of sizes, and special blade holders can be designed and manufactured according to the special requirements of users.

6. Simple operation, good squareness of cut out materials, smooth surface and less waste.

7 let us know you what capacity what size meat cube you want , we can customzied the cutting blade for you

Technical parameter:

Detailed pictures:

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