Commercial meat grinder machine/meat mincer

Introduction of meat grinder mincer machine

1.The meat grinder is made of stainless steel, which meets the food hygienic requirements,very safe and easy to clean.
2. It can grind and slice pork, beef, mutton as well as other kinds of meat.
3.can choose the options of 4-12mm diameter hole.

Features for commercial meat grinder machine:

First.High universality, wide applicable range, high efficiency.

Second.With function of grinding frozen meat,time saving,energy saving,fresh, good quality.

Third. Short grinding time, low temperature, good for keeping fresh, extend the shelf life.

Fourth. A variety of orifice plate combination,suitable for different products requirement.

In addition,Machine advantages as below:
1. This has strong maneuverability, wide applicability, and high productivity.
2. It has the function of freezing and twisting, saving time, effort, freshness, and quality.
3. The hinge cutting process takes a short time and has a low temperature rise, which is beneficial for preservation and prolongs the shelf life.
4. Winch function.
5. The forward and reverse function reduces the possibility of blockage in the meat grinder to zero.
6. Multiple combinations of orifice plates are more suitable for the requirements of different meat products.
7. The host is made of 304 stainless steel, and Schneider waterproof electrical button.
8. Jilong is cast using precision casting technology, without sand holes, with a smooth surface that is easy to clean, reasonable design, and low temperature rise of meat, which is conducive to preservation.
9. The equipment operates smoothly, with low noise, fast discharge, high work efficiency, large lead of the hinge shaft, large inlet, smooth feeding, and high production.

Detailed pictures :

Model JR100 to JR120
commercial meat grinder
meat grinder
meat grinder
Model JR130 to JR160
industrial meat grinder
commercial meat grinder
meat grinder machine
Model JR250 to JR300
meat grinding equipment
meat grinding supplier

Machine paramater:

Working video: