Meat mixers machine for sausage

Introductions for sausage mixing machine:

The meat mixers machine is a kind of equipment used for meat and sausage processing plants. 

It has high efficiency and is easy to operate.

 It is a kind of equipment for making air dried sausage products, granular and muddy mixed sausage products and pills. 

It is also an optional equipment for producing dumplings and Wonton pasta products.

In addition,you can choose the mixers by vacuum or non-vacuum.

Detailed pictures:

Model 20L to 100L

meat mixers
meat mixers for sale
meat mixers for sausage
meat mixer machine

Model 150L-500L

meat mixer for sale
meat mixer for sausage
meat mixing machine
meat mixing machine for sale
Model 1200L-3000L
industrial meat mixer
industrial meat mixer machine

Features for meat mixers machine:

By using a vacuum device, the material is kept in a negative pressure state. Fully expand the logistics, without bubbles, with good elasticity and bright color. what’s more,it is an ideal machine to  maximizing protein extraction, then improving product quality.
First of all. it use a parallel dual axis structure and inclined plate blades, the material can move in a circular motion while flipping in the hopper, making the mixing of various materials more uniform. 
Secondly. it can use dual speed power, different rotational speeds, and operating select mixing modes based on the type and process of the filling materials.
Thirdly. All vacuum sealing devices use sealing components that meet hygiene standards.
Fourthly. In a vacuum state, the filling can stir evenly, fully expanded, so it can make good elasticity, bright color, and greatly improves protein content.
Fifthly. There are silicone strips for the sealing of the upper cover and discharge door, it is easy to operate, reliable, and durable.
6. The whole machine uses stainless steel, it is easy to clean and beautiful. Meet to health standards.

Working video: