Sausage stuffer machine

1.Pneumatic sausage stuffer machine with twisting:

Sausage stuffer machine with twisting has a beautiful appearance, it is small and exquisite. 

The parts in contact with meat and the outer packaging are using 304 food grade stainless steel.
Easy to clean, the quantity can be adjusted between 50-750 grams.
It uses a control valve switch cylinder to adjust the weight of the processed product, and controls various program actions through the buttons on the operation panel.
This equipment is a sausage making equipment developed on the basis of a quantitative sausage stuffer machine. It can both perform quantitative enema and automatically twist, changing the shortcomings of previous quantitative enema twists that cannot be completed at once. The machine has stable performance, safe and reliable operation, and improves production efficiency on the original basis

sausage stuffer machine
sausage filling machine

2.Vacuum sausage stuffer machine:

It is a fully automatic vacuum quantitative filling machine driven by a vane pump, servo motor, touch screen display, and microcomputer control, equipped with an automatic twisting mechanism.
Normally it use for making sausage casings such as minced meat, ham sausage, and ham; also it is suitable for natural casings, collagen casings, fiber casings and other components to twist. What’s more, it can use for fill various bottled and boxed products. 

Firstly,This machine equip with a blade automatic compensation device, with a precision of ± 4 grams for dividing and quantifying. it can transfer material gently, and can adjust the filling speed, twisting speed, number of twisting circles, and weight of each piece.
Secondly,this machine is filled in a vacuum state, can flip the hopper to make cleaning more convenient.
Thirdly, it is made of stainless steel material, with special treatment for key components that are durable and wear-resistant. The control parts are all made of imported components, and the appearance is treated with surface technology. It is beautiful and elegant, compact in structure, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and equipped with safety protection devices.
So it is an ideal equipment for the meat processing industry.

vacuum sausage stuffer
vacuum sausage stuffer machine

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