Vacuum meat tumbler machine with feeding elevator

Introduction of vacuum meat tumbler machine:

The automatic vacuum meat tumbler machine is a key equipment in meat processing,The application of vacuum meat tumbler machines has outstanding effects in the food processing and manufacturing industry, which can greatly improve production efficiency. Choosing a suitable vacuum tumbler machine is the basis for improving the efficiency of food processing enterprises. The vacuum tumbler machine use 304 stainless steel, and the production process will not produce metal pollution, and it is corrosion-resistant. It has a relatively good operating system, When the inner material is flipped inside the drum, the meat in the drum evenly absorbs the pickling, improving the connection strength and elasticity of the meat.
What’s more,the machine can equip with hydraulic lifting machine uses hydraulic oil to lift and maintain stable feeding, clean discharge, adjustable lifting height and speed, with a single lifting capacity of 200KG. It is a food factory equipment that reduces labor intensity for workers. This machine is made of stainless steel, with a beautiful appearance, economical and practical. One feeding machine can equip with several tumbler machines for feeding, and the equipment with wheels on all four legs, easy to move and with a braking system, Not moving freely during loading ensures the safety of equipment use.

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vacuum tumbler machine
vacuum tumbler for meat processing
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vacuum meat tumbling machine
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vacuum tumbling machine

Advantages of vacuum tumbler machine:

1. Vacuum suction, reverse discharge, and breathing rolling make the raw materials alternately in a vacuum and normal pressure state during rolling, which can effectively shorten the rolling time.
2. The large diameter filling port can conveniently add relevant additives such as auxiliary materials.
3. Ensure evenly distributed marinade and fully absorbed within the meat; Enhanced meat adhesion and improved product elasticity; Improve the slicability of the product to prevent damage during slicing;
4. Increase water retention and improve product yield; Increase the softness and structural stability of the product.

Specifications of vacuum tumbler machine:

Equipment use:

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