A smoke oven, we also name it smokehouse, plays a key role in finalizing the production of smoked food products, such as sausages, smoked meat, smoked chicken, smoked duck, smoked fish, Fish Tofu, etc. The using of smoking technology greatly affects the taste and flavor of smoked food.

We are manufacturer for the commercial smoke oven of various capacities, from Model 30 – 1000.

Introduction of smoke oven

A smoke oven, also known as a smokehouse, is an equipment that generates smoke and low-temperature heat for the purpose of cooking, drying, and smoking the food inside the smoking chamber, which enhances the food with various distinctive smoky flavors and attractive colors.

A smoker oven is mainly composed of an oven chamber, smoke generator, control system, and air cycling system.

smoke oven

The smoke oven is used for sausage, ham, sausages, roasted chicken, smoked fish, and roasted duck, as well as household and aquatic products, and suitable products. It is steamed, dried, and colored in one go-to shape. The smoking has a good color, better texture, quality assurance, excellent technology, and easy operation.

Our smoke oven is a smoking stove that integrates steaming, drying, smoking, and coloring. After smoking, the color of the food looks good, and there is also a fragrance after smoking, which makes people feel fragrant but not greasy. It can also achieve environmental protection effects, completely replacing traditional smoking methods, saving workers’ labor, improving work efficiency, and enhancing the taste and elasticity of the food.

This smoke oven adopts automatic programmable control, which is convenient and simple to operate. The drying, steaming, and smoking processes can be automatically switched by setting the time, and the temperature can be automatically adjusted according to the set value. The end of the process will be automatically displayed, and the main circulation fan will supply air evenly, making the temperature inside the furnace uniform. This machine especially uses a double-layer stainless steel radiator, which heats up quickly and has a good drying effect. It adopts a parameter setting method, with wide universality and adjustable parameters during automatic operation.

Heating system: steam heating, optimized heat exchanger structure, and all stainless steel steam control valves.

Box system: Standard thickness insulation wall panel, reliable heat resistance. Stainless steel material inside and outside the wall panel.

Modular structure.

A smoking stove consists of multiple systems: it has functions such as hot air, steaming (for dry entertainment or baking), smoking, and ventilation.

It mainly consists of the main engine (furnace body) smoke-generating device, main pipeline, high-pressure steam system, low-pressure steam system, electrical control part, and other systems.

(1) The smoking, steaming, and other processes of the host (furnace body) food are all carried out inside the host. The upper part of the smoking furnace is equipped with an electric fan, which is equipped with high-speed and low-speed rotation to force the heat and low-pressure steam of the coil heater to circulate in the furnace, controlling the amount of smoke and temperature inside the furnace to be uniform. The furnace is equipped with temperature sensors for automatic detection of cooking, drying, and smoking temperatures.

(2) The upper part of the smoking box of the smoking device smoking furnace is a silver foam box, which is driven by a reducer to drive the mixing mechanism. The saw foam is periodically sent to the electric heater of the lower smoking furnace plate, controlled by the ignition button on the electric control box. The saw foam burns slowly under heat and produces smoke, which is sucked into the main machine by the fan to smoke cooked food. Customized according to customer requirements, adding or removing certain configurations.


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